Reviews de L.A. Noire

El tan esperado L.A. Noire llega mañana a las tiendas, pero durante el día de hoy algunos de los portales de videojuegos más conocidos publicaron sus reseñas. Aqui les dejamos un segmento de lo que están comentando y los enlaces los reviews completos.

Giant Bomb (10/10)

“Before you approach Rockstar’s vintage crime opus L.A. Noire, you should set your expectations and be clear that it is, at its core, an adventure game. Like Grand Theft Auto and its legion of imitators, this game has a sprawling, open city environment for you to explore, but don’t expect to grab a Tommy gun and wreak havoc in that city whenever you feel like it. This just isn’t that kind of game. Instead, the focus is squarely on good, clean police work: scouring crime scenes for evidence, extracting information from persons of interest whether they’re willing to talk or not, building a case, making an arrest. It’s a hard-nosed and methodical experience that’s…”


1UP (10/10)

“L.A. Noire is almost everything I hoped it would be, and very little of what I thought it was. Judging by trailers and gameplay footage alone, I expected it to be a Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game wrapped within Grand Theft Auto IV’s game engine, with some femme fatales and fedora-wearing gangsters thrown in to fulfill the “noire” element. In actuality, this has very little to do with the GTA games, and is probably more closely related to graphic adventure games and movies. The relative lack of free-form gameplay and driving-over-prostitutes is most certainly going to turn off some gamers — the real draw here is the story, and…”


Game Trailers (9.1/10)

“Featuring a revolutionary facial capture technology that provides incredibly realistic characters, is life as a gumshoe glamorous or just police blotter fodder?”


Gamespot (9/10)


Joystiq (9/10)

“Budding policeman Cole Phelps doesn’t just enforce the law on the streets of 1940s Los Angeles, he worships it. The returning war hero seems the sort who’d be just as willing to issue a citation to a grandma who dropped a gum wrapper as he would to haul in a serial killer. What soon becomes clear is that Cole (played with a chipper sterility by Mad Men’s Aaron Stanton) isn’t just a goody-two-shoes; he’s trying to atone for a sin you’ll unravel as his career plays out. Though his by-the-books nature drives a wedge between him and any average cop unlucky enough to…”


IGN (8.5/10)

  • Presentation (8.5/10) – The story doesn’t match the great performances. The “game” elements are sometimes distracting from the immersive environment.
  • Graphics (8/10) – The faces are pretty damned awesome — it’s the actors, after all. L.A. in the ‘40s looks good. At times the framerate stutters and there are a few annoying graphical glitches here and there.
  • Sound (10/10) – So much great voice work. The real star is the soundtrack.
  • Gameplay (8.5/10) – Despite its flaws, L.A. Noire does something we’ve never seen before. It’s too often repetitive and predicatble, but it’s still enjoyable.
  • Lasting Appeal (8/10) – Depending on how much time you devote to exploring the city, it will take anywhere from 12 to 20 hours to beat. Many won’t find a reason to return.

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