Yo Soy PlayStation Episodio 85 – The No PSN Edition

Llega el viernes y con éste el episodio número 85 del podcast de PSNPR.com, Yo Soy PlayStation. En este episodio como siempre discutimos las noticias de la semana con el sabor criollo que nos caracteriza. Así que les invitamos a que nos escuchen, nos envíen sus preguntas y comentarios y si quieren también nos pueden decir lo basura que somos. Por favor recuerden evaluarnos en iTunes si disfrutaron de nuestras locuras y se rieron al menos una vez. A continuación los show notes de esta semana: 

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  • Gatonejo
    • Mortal Kombat
  • DracoT850
    • Portal 2
    • Gears of War 3 Beta
    • Mortal Kombat
    • Black Ops
    • Tiny Wings en iOS
    • Trade Nations en iOS
  • Mngavis
    • iPad 2
    • EA Active 2
    • Lego Harry Potter
    • Air Penguin- iOS


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  • Música: viaCadiz, Incompetech.com
  • Producción: Michael Negrón, Juan C. Delgado
  • Edición: Juan C. Delgado
  • Animadores: Michael Negrón, Juan C. Delgado
  • Invitado: DracoT850


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2011-01-04 – Hacked Laptop Causes Data Breach at Pentagon Federal Credit Union

An infected laptop was used to access the systems at the Pentagon’s credit union, exposing the financial records of the members of the United States military, according to a Kaspersky Lab report.

The Pentagon Federal Credit Union notified the New Hampshire Attorney General of the breach, and said names, addresses, social security numbers, bank and credit card information of its members were compromised, said Paul Roberts, editor of Kaspersky Lab’s ThreatPost.com site. New Hampshire law requires that all companies report all breaches that involve its residents. Massachusetts has a similar law.At this point, the full extent of the breach is not known, but so far 514 New Hampshire residents have been affected. It’s hard to determine the magnitude, based on just one state. As Roberts pointed out, a data breach of the tour company Twin America affected around 300 New Hampshire residents but 100,000 people nationally.

The credit union discovered on Dec. 12 that someone had hacked a laptop on its network. Along with the personal information, the malware allowed attackers to see information relating to former members, joint account holders and beneficiaries. That vulnerability has been closed and steps have been taken to prevent a similar breach, according to Roberts. [seguir leyendo]

2011-03-26 – Bank Of America Accounts Hacked

Thousands of Bank of America customers’ account information could be in jeopardy after a major security breach.Christy Clark went to a Royal Oak drug store Friday, but when her debit card was declined, she knew something was wrong. “I was very embarrassed,” Clark said.She went straight to the Bank of America branch near 12 Mile Road near Woodward Avenue in Royal Oak to report the problem.

When she arrived, she was surprised to see the lobby packed with customers who experienced the same issue. “When I entered the branch, that’s when I realized this was a bigger problem,” Clark told Local 4.2010-12-14 3 more companies hacked! How secure is your online information?In a sign that cyber security needs rapid quality improvements, two more U.S. companies, McDonald’s Corp and Walgreen Co, said they had been hacked in the past week, along with U.S. media company, Gawker.

After reports of Mastercard and Visa being hacked last week by a pro-Wikileaks group, which called itself ‘Anonymous,’ McDonald’s said its system had been breached and customers’ “email and other contact information, birthdates and other specifics” had been compromised on Monday. [seguir leyendo]

2011-04-04 – Disgruntled gamer hacks Xbox security chief’s account

In an ironic twist, the head of gaming security for Xbox LIVE had his own Xbox account, as well as his personal website, hacked by a disgruntled gamer.

The hacker, calling himself Predator, commandeered the Xbox LIVE account of Stephen Toulouse, the Director of Xbox LIVE Policy and Enforcement yesterday (April 3). [seguir leyendo]

2011-04-28 – Microsoft alerta de un posible robo de datos en Xbox Live

Microsoft ha alertado a sus usuarios de posibles intentos de robo de datos personales en su plataforma de juegos en red para su consola Xbox, una semana después de que Sony suspendiera su sistema “on line” para la Playstation por motivos similares. [seguir leyendo]

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