Extra! Extra! Titulares – Abril/4/2011

Killzone 3, detalles de la actualización 1.07 – Killzone.com: via: @beckps3 – Hey all, I know you want to be informed as much as possible. So I’m writing up the preliminary patch notes for Patch 1.07. Please Note: this is subject to change and we don’t know exactly when this will go live yet. I will inform you on that as soon as we can, but we are trying to roll this out in the first week of April. Patch 1.07 Contents list… [seguir leyendo]

Square confirma que lanzará Final Fantasy V en PSN (PSOne Classic) – PlayStation Universe – Square’s announced that classic RPG Final Fantasy V will be making the jump to PlayStation Network as part of the PSOne Classics series… [seguir leyendo]

Nuevo trailer de Spiderman: Edge of Time- IGN.COM

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