Extra! Extra! Titulares – Marzo/24/2011

Duke Nukem Forever es movido para el 14 de junio – Joystiq – Take-Two claims that the industry’s eternally charging Lancelot, Duke Nukem Forever, is now set to arrive internationally on June 10th, and in North America on June 14th. At this … [seguir leyendo]

Sony Computer Entertainment America moverá la operación de sus servicios online (PSN) a Sony Network Entertainment America – Joystiq – At CES 2010, Sony’s Kaz Hirai — potential successor to Sir Howard Stringer, if you’re just joining us — introduced “Sony Network Entertainment,” a new corporate unit tasked with the expansion of the increasingly vital PlayStation Network architecture. At CES this year, Kaz said 2011 would find Sony “building upon the video, music, game and book offerings on our Qriocity and our PlayStation Network services to deliver a compelling, unique experience for Sony across a wide range of consumer electronic devices”… [seguir leyendo]

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