Extra! Extra! Titulares – Marzo/2/2011

The Last Guardian, nuevos detalles – Game Informer – With a pedigree of heavy hitters like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, expectations don’t get loftier than those for The Last Guardian, the latest art house adventure from Team Ico. Last month, I saw the first live play session demoed by legendary designer Fumito Ueda. While I can’t speak to the overall experience of the game, I can already see elements that should please fans of Team Ico’s PS2-era -releases… [seguir leyendo]

The Last Guardian, impresiones de Brian Ashcraft (Editor de Kotaku) – Kotaku – “Project Trico” flashes on the screen, followed by “Sony Computer Entertainment”. There’s a low rumble, and Trico, the bird-like dog creature, slumbers. This isn’t The Last Guardian’s opening, but whatever it is, it looks great… [seguir leyendo]

Battlefield 3, nuevo trailer de gameplay – Game Informer – Have you been enjoying our month of Battlefield 3 coverage? Do you want to see the game in action beyond the brief teaser trailer released last month? You got it!… [seguir leyendo]


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