Extra! Extra! Titulares – Marzo/1/2011

RUMOR: Microsoft le donó dinero a Geohot para cubrir gastos legales de la demanda radicada por Sony – MaxConsole – A new rumor has surfaced that Microsoft donated a large amount of cash to Geohot as he attempts to tackle Sony over the hacking of the PS3. This is very much just a rumor. However, it comes from one of those supposed ‘clouse sources’ who must remain anonymous. Although, the fact that Geohot got all that he wanted and more within 2 days, seems to suggest that he had some pretty big donations and quickly!… [seguir leyendo]

Battlefield 3, detalles de la tecnología detrás del juego – Game Informer – Battlefield 3 is not a simple rehash. DICE has spent years building the new technology to ensure that the third entry in the series stands apart from the rest. In these three interviews, we speak with the team to learn how the new technology will affect each player’s experience on the battlefield. Check out the first video to learn all about the greatly enhanced destructive capabilities of the Frostbite 2 engine… [seguir leyendo]

Catherine, confirman que llegará al mercado americano este verano – Joystiq – Your dreams have come true! Atlus has confirmed plans to bring Catherine (and Katherine), “the HD adult horror title from the makers of Persona,” to North America. The game’s official site pegs the release for “Summer 2011” (but a link to Amazon therein offers a more precise target… [seguir leyendo]


  1. Mngavis March 1, 2011 3:43 pm  Reply

    Lo del rumor de M$ y Geohotz para mi que es solo eso, un rumor. Imagino que seguiremos escuchando toda clase de rumores. Ya mismo sale que Geohotz tiene acciones en Mcrosoft o algo así.

    Lo de Catherne aun no esa en mi radar. Creo q es hora de tocar un RPG…

    • Carlos M.(Cywulf21) March 1, 2011 5:47 pm  Reply

      Catherine no es un RPG, yo tengo el demo Japones. Tiene mas en comun con Qbert que Final Fantasy lol.

  2. Carlos M.(Cywulf21) March 1, 2011 2:50 pm  Reply

    Eso de que Msoft le dono dinero a Geohot suena como algo de conspiracion y paranoico. A la misma vez como que no me sorprenderia, lol.

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