Extra! Extra! Titulares – Febrero/22/2011

Xenogears llega hoy a PSN – Destructoid – Sony has announced that the classic roleplaying game Xenogears will hit the PlayStation Network in North America this Tuesday. Featuring active-time-battle and combo systems, Xenogears has become a classic thanks in no small part to its uniquely deep themes… [seguir leyendo]

REVIEW: Bulletstorm (4.5/5) – Joystiq – I’ve come to a conclusion: Bulletstorm wasn’t so much developed as it was raised on human growth hormones and taught the English language by a group of sailors and truck drivers. It was also shown every ’80s action and sci-fi movie ever made about a dozen times, given a bottle of whiskey, handed a gun and instructed to shoot anything that moves… [seguir leyendo]

REVIEW: Bulletstorm (4.5/5) – GamePro – Now that Epic and People Can Fly have had the chance to parody the rest of the shooter world with their toilet humor-laden marketing campaign, it’s time to see if their game can stand up to its own ultraviolent hype. Read on for our full review of Bulletstorm!… [seguir leyendo]

REVIEW: Bulletstorm (8/10) – Inside Gaming – Hi, I’m Rob Smith, and I’ve just spent two days kicking ass, shooting ‘nads, and leashing fools into submission. I’ve finished Bulletstorm the new first-person shooter from the developers of Painkiller, via Gears of War maker Epic Games, and it certainly earns its Mature rating. So if profanity drops casually into this review, blame the game, not the playa’. But does its adult nature enhance or hinder a bold bid for glory in a franchise-dominated shooter market? You’ll find out right ahead… [seguir leyendo]

PULSE 2/22 – PlayStation Blog – Available for download in HD with the PlayStation Store update today, PULSE 2/22 Edition brings you the latest on what’s happening on the network. In this edition, we celebrate today’s release of Killzone 3 and show off the demo for MLB 11 The Show, which features a rematch of the 2010 World Series teams, the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers… [seguir leyendo]

=-=-= VIDEO: PULSE 2/22 – via: PlayStation Blog =-=-=

Red Faction: Armageddon llegará el 31 de mayo – Game Informer – If you just can’t wait to return to Mars, I’ve got good news. THQ has announced that Red Faction: Armageddon will release on May 31, 2011… [seguir leyendo]

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