Extra! Extra! Titulares – Noviembre/17/2010

  • VUDU (servicio de alquiler y venta de peliculas) llega la proxima semana a PSN – PlayStation Blog
  • I’m happy to report that beginning next week, VUDU, the HD movie streaming service, will be available to all PS3 users in the United States that are registered to PSN… [seguir leyendo]

  • =-=-= IMAGEN: VUDU – via: PlayStation Blog =-=-=

  • Funky Lab Rat llega el 30 de noviembre a PSN – Joystiq
  • French indie dev Hydravision has created a cute puzzle-platformer that has you in the shoes of a lab rat daring to escape the confines of his experimental prison. Thankfully, he seems to be gifted with the ability to manipulate time and objects. (Just what kind of lab is this?!) Essentially, the game combines one part Braid with one part Tumble.… [seguir leyendo]

  • =-=-= VIDEO: Funky Lab Rat – via: YouTube =-=-=

  • Spelunker HD llega el martes 23 de noviembre a PSN ($9.99) – PlayStation Blog
  • Does dangling from a frayed rope, thousands of meters beneath the earth’s crust, with lit dynamite in hand sound like your idea of a good time? I’ve got good news: Spelunker HD for PS3 is coming to the… [seguir leyendo]

  • =-=-= VIDEO: Spelunker HD: Updated Classic – via: PlayStation Blog =-=-=

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