Extra! Extra! Titulares – Noviembre/8/2010

  • Estadisticas de PlayStation Move – PlayStation Blog
  • Whether we’re talking Trophy Level, KDR, or NPD, us gamers are a pretty stat-obsessed lot. Last week, we announced that a million PlayStation Move units have been shipped in North America. This morning… [seguir leyendo]

  • =-=-= IMAGEN: PlayStation Move: By The Numbers – via: PlayStation Blog =-=-=

  • PlayStation presenta la nueva versión de su Bluetooth Headset ($49.99 MSRP) – PlayStation Blog
  • New features include a redesign, making it sleeker, high-gloss and more compact – 30% smaller than the original model. In addition, the Bluetooth Headset now has built-in noise cancellation for filtering out ambient noise when used with the PS3 system as well as your mobile phone… [seguir leyendo]

  • =-=-= IMAGEN: PlayStation 3 Bluetooth Headset – via: PlayStation Blog =-=-=

  • Metal Gear Rising es movido para el 2012 – Kotaku
  • First revealed in summer 2009, Metal Gear Solid: Rising is an action game starring Metal Gear creator Raiden and set between MGS2 and MGS4. The game was expected to be out in 2011. Those expectations, it seems, are wrong… [seguir leyendo]
  • RUMOR: Dead Nation pronto llegará a PSN – PlayStationLifeStyle
  • The ESRB has an official write-up and rating for the game, which can only mean the game will be coming soon… [seguir leyendo]
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 recibirá nuevos mapas – Blogs.Battlefield.EA.com
  • VIP Map Pack 7 is on its way to Battlefield: Bad Company 2. This pack will include four maps never before available in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer, two of them being fan favorites Oasis and Harvest Day… [seguir leyendo]
  • PlayStation Lounge abre sus puertas mañana en Manhattan, New York (550 Madison)
  • It’s the must-hit destination if you’re still trying to get your hands on PlayStation Move or searching for the latest PlayStation first and third-party games.… [seguir leyendo]

  • =-=-= IMAGEN: PlayStation Lounge – via: PlayStation Blog =-=-=

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    1. Itachu November 8, 2010 6:34 pm  Reply

      supuestamente Dead Nation iba salir la semana de halloween no se que paso, parece que era rumor tambn lol ya es hora que salga 😛 tiene platino y yo quiero probarlo por lo menos :)

    Opinar no cuesta nada